How To Bullet Pass In Retro Bowl ( 2 Best Ways )

Retro Bowl is a clear winner among the many excellent mobile games currently available. It brings the experience of classic football games like Tecmo Bowl to the palm of your hand. You’ll serve as the team’s manager, get to select the players, and then guide the squad to success. This guide will show you How To Bullet Pass In Retro Bowl.

What is Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl’s gameplay consists of two very small, very focused aspects. On the field, you decide who gets the ball, and between games, you make small management decisions that affect how the team does on the field.

If you’re playing as the quarterback, press B will snap the ball for a running play, while tilting the control stick will cause the ball to be thrown. To throw the ball, you tilt the stick to move a cursor, then throw either a lob or a bullet pass to a receiver running to an open field area. Once the ball starts to move, you can control the runner by making him or her jump up or down or dive. That’s pretty much it.

You go into management mode after each game. It might go several ways. When your defence does well, you can praise a player or coach or meet with the owner or players. Depending on what you desire in these choices, you get different bonuses.

What is Retro Bowl

As a manager, you can use “coach points” to improve your stadium, talk to your players to boost their morale, or hire new players. 

What Does a Bullet Pass Mean?

In American football, a bullet pass is a throw that emphasizes speed and force and has no throw arc. It is a short-distance pass to get the ball to another player quickly. This method is beneficial when a defender from the other team is close to the players. So, the players try to avoid arcs and pass the ball as often as possible in a straight line.

When To Use Bullet Pass?

Throwing a bullet pass in Retro Bowl requires switching to the regular passing method by bringing your finger back from the screen. To make your next pass a bullet pass, simply press the screen with a second finger. In this mode, the thrown ball will go at a significantly faster rate but will be more challenging to catch.

A bullet pass can move the ball into a small opening when a player is guarded. Using the bullet pass will make your path considerably more accurate. 

It has a far faster rate, but its shots tend to land underneath the receiver, increasing the likelihood of misses. Due to the inability to arc the ball over the defender on deeper routes, bullet passes should be used primarily for short gains.

Any route where the receiver can create separation by making a move—flat, out, slant, curl, and comeback—benefits from a bullet pass. Because of how brief this window typically is, speed is of the essence in getting the ball there. If you change your mind and no longer wish to use the bullet pass, use your second finger to press the screen again.

How To Bullet Pass In Retro Bowl

See these steps for Retro Bowl bullet passing techniques.

  • Pull back on the Quarterback’s control stick with one finger to set up a pass. Every single pass trajectory originates as a curved path. The dotted passing arc must be converted to a straight line by tapping the screen again, using the second finger or thumb.
  • You are free to alternate between a regular curveball and a bullet throw as often as you like up until you either complete the pass, are sacked, or call a QB run. Once you’ve decided to throw a bullet pass, you can let go of your finger to complete the pass.


What Is The Proper Way To Throw A Lob Move?

After tapping on the display with your other finger, repeat the steps you would typically take to throw a bullet pass; however, instead of selecting the “Bullet Pass” option, choose the “Lob Pass” option.

How do you do a QB Sneak in Retro Bowl?

First, drop back like you usually do when passing the ball. To start passing, move your finger towards the quarterback, not back. When the dotted line disappears, your QB should start sprinting with the ball.

What is Retro Bowl throw accuracy?

The “throw accuracy” stat shows how well a quarterback can keep getting the ball where it needs to go. In the Retro Bowl, a good quarterback is one with high “Throw Accuracy” and “Arm Strength” potential.


Retro Bowl is still one of the best mobile sports games, even though it came out way back at the start of 2020. It has a very strategic way of playing and classic graphics that make you feel nostalgic. This game doesn’t look like much, but it’s so easy to pick up and play that anyone who likes football games will love this game for sure.

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