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DogLife: Bitlife Dogs is an arcade-style simulation game in which the player's goal might be anything from errand running to owner surveillance.
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Dog Life Bitlife Mod Apk has amassed more than one million players worldwide, making it a digital treasure. Bit Life’s designers also produced the hit game Dog Life. It allows the player to live as a stray in the city’s alleyways or take their pets into someone’s home and guard them against danger.

Features of Dog Life BitLife Mod Apk

DogLife mod apk is jam-packed with tiny but appealing and exciting features.

In this game, you will be a dog. You have agency; you may act and choose. As a human, you can serve as a companion animal or a man’s best friend. It is a fantastic game because each round brings something new and exciting.

Dog Life BitLife Mod Apk

Pick Your Puppie

A list of DogLife’s dog cast will load on the screen, and you’ll be able to pick anybody you like. Dogs of different shapes, sizes, and origins gather together to compete for the attention of their human companions.

The newly opened cards will help you choose correctly by allowing you to understand their names, attributes, and personalities quickly. After settling on a persona, you can customize your home and surroundings. The game will lead you to one of four unique and exciting locations, predetermined in advance.

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Keep learning new tricks.

One activity available to animals in the DogLife top dog mod apk universe is mastering a handful of tricks to impress the universe’s human residents. You can find these tricks in the Activities menu, under Tricks, once you are six months old.

At first, you can learn basic skills like “Shake Hands,” “Roll Over,” “Speak,” “Play Dead,” “Fetch a Tennis Ball,” and more. No matter how many tricks you learn, you can only practice three times every three months to increase your Skill level.

After you have mastered a certain amount of fundamental skills, the game will allow you to attempt additional ones, such as balancing a ball, using and flushing the toilet, or even opening a beer bottle and rolling a joint. But you’ll need more time to get good at these tricks.

Excellent performance

Dog Life mod apk has several new user interface features. You can if you want to start multiple characters at once and save their development. There is also a pet cemetery. It lets people compare their lives and even put them in order of importance. If you decide out of the blue that you want a puppy and your best buddy to be neighbours, you can easily make it happen. Add a person’s name, city, and other details to see how their life might go.

Dozens Of Cute Canines

DogLife: BitLife Dogs features a wide variety of adorable canine breeds for adoption. In addition, there will be noticeable differences between breeds regarding lifestyle habits and fundamental indications.

The judges will consider how much fun, health, cuteness, affection, and respect each dog provides. There is room for growth and decline in these indicators throughout time, depending on each player’s performance. The best way to improve your numbers and have a blast doing it is to take the appropriate activities.

Visuals and music

About the graphics in Dog Life BitLife Dogs are beautifully drawn. The dog looks lively because of its detailed designs. The sketches give the dog breeds their color and shape. Also, the game’s sounds change depending on what’s going on. You might feel happy, nervous, angry, or sad at different times. All of them work well together to give players the best experience possible.

DogLife Bitlife Mod Apk Download

  • To get the file, click the download button.
  • Wait till the download is complete.
  • Download the app on Android.
  • To allow content from untrusted sources, select the option.
  • Once installed, enjoy this app’s excellent features.


Can BitLife make DogLife?

DogLife Bitlife Dogs is a new simulation game developed by the same people behind Bitlife, where players spend their days caring for and training a virtual dog. This role-playing game focuses on pets, letting players experience everything from the pampered existence of a beloved pet to the arduous journey to adoption from a pet store and the brutal reality of life on the streets.

How Can I Earn Respect In My Dog Life Bitlife?

To get respect in DogLife, players must show that they are stronger than the other animals in their current location. You can show that you are the boss by beating other animals in fights or by attacking them.

Is Dog Life The Same As Cat Life Bitlife?

BitLife is about people, and DogLife is for people who want to play as a dog. Although similar to DogLife, you have the option to play as either a cat or a dog, depending on your preferences, CatLife is geared for those individuals who would want to take on the role of a cat rather than a dog.


Try to give your animal the best ending by going with your gut or playing with friends. You and your dog can experience various adventures in the Dog life bit life mod apk. And you won’t be bored because watching your pet is just as fun as seeing it in person.

What's new

  • Improvements in performance.
  • When it comes time to maintain loyalty among several pals with different personalities, you'll need cautious planning.

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How to install Dog Life Bitlife Mod Apk Download (Top Dog Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dog Life Bitlife Mod Apk Download (Top Dog Unlocked) file.

2. Touch install.

3. Go to Settings>Select Unknown Source

4. Follow the steps on the screen.


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