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Magic Survival combines a new idea with rogue like gameplay to give players a new style and interesting new things to learn about the genre. Each of their games is unique because of these variances, which are both substantial and often unpredictable.
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Sep 8, 2022
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Fighting is always new and thrilling. The Magic Survival Mod Apk game’s gameplay ability is practically limitless because of the plethora of complicated transformations available to players.

What is Magic Survival APK?

LEME’s Magic Survival is a refreshing take on the casual genre. The game takes place in a city near a ghost research facility. The primary goal is to exorcise the evil spirits so they cannot cause any more damage. The people’s last, best chance for Survival may lie with you. Your character starts weak, but as you access more spells, they will increase in strength.

Strategy Game

Magic Survivor’s gameplay doesn’t add anything fresh to the table compared to other games in the same genre. You’re going to a mysterious island where all kinds of monsters await you. Making fire, building a shelter, gathering food, and learning to coexist with the natural world are all necessary abilities for success in the game. Even though it’s not well-animated, gamers are drawn in by the game’s stunning visuals and immersive audio.

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Features of Magic Survival MOD APK

It is a game of Survival. The map used for gameplay is massive. Mountains and rivers are on all sides of the map, yet there is nothing to drink, eat, or build with. The players are left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. You can hide or fight back when creatures attack; being hungry or thirsty makes you uncomfortable and more likely to fall asleep.

Magic Survival MOD APK

Friendly Interface

The simple controls of games like Magic Survival and Going Balls make it easy to engage in endless conflicts. The fundamental objective of the game is Survival, as the name implies. The game provides a plethora of other fun extras to achieve this goal. Put some incredible magic to work to help you out.

Unique Methods of Attack

The unique assault methods in Magic Survival Mod Apk God Mode are what hook gamers. Your arsenal of spells will be much more extensive than ordinary weapons. Throw fireballs at your opponent to burn them or ice storms to freeze them. Make sure to use attacks effectively so you can live a long time.

Open Gameplay

The game features optional quests you can complete in addition to the main objective for greater reward. The game’s mechanics are relaxed, and there’s a ton to accomplish. You can go at your own pace while you discover the outdoors.

The Visuals and Sound Are Top-Notch.

It’s impossible to find a game with better visuals than Magic Survival. The scenery is shown in graphic detail, and the characters are fun to look at. A great musical score also accompanies the action.

Infinite Lives

You can have an unlimited supply of health thanks to the Magic Survival Unlimited Health Mod Apk. Your chances of making it to the end have been improved in this revision. You can now easily defeat your foes without endangering your well-being or even life.

Unlimited points and money

The best gear may now be purchased at no cost, thanks to Magic Survival Mod Apk. Also, you can spend a limitless amount of points on many spells and things. You’ll make more headway in the game if you keep all this in mind.

Instructions To Download Magic Survival Mod Apk Free

Below are the steps to follow to Install:

  • You need to remove the original Magic Survival if you already installed it; you must first remove it.
  • Download the Magic Survival MOD Apk
  • Once the download is complete, you’ll need to locate the apk file and run the installation.
  • To download apps from places other than the Play Store, you must first turn on “Unknown sources.”
  • Then launch the Magic Survival Mod APK and have fun with it.


What Role Does Mp Play In Magic Survival?

While in-game, the final option provided on the level-up screen is MP Taken. By selecting this choice, you will gain MP (Experience Points) equal to the percentage modification shown next to it.

How Do You Gain Access To Classes In Magic Survival?

There are now 24 categories to choose from. When you reach a specific point on a map, you can access a new map with a different modifier or difficulty. There are also many character models to choose from, which will cost you points you can use on permanent research talents.


The visuals and audio in the new action game Magic Survival are impressive. Amazing magic is at your disposal in this game for the sake of your very Survival. Defeating demonic spirits is an engaging and challenging struggle. You can easily defeat your opponent with various spells and magical techniques. If you want a better shot at making it through the game, use the Magic Survival Cheats to get an infinite supply of valuable items.

What's new

  • The addition of a mastery system
  • The number of available artifact slots has been increased to infinite.
  • You have a choice between three different artifacts whenever you open a treasure chest.
  • A new structure has been implemented for the research system.
  • Both the challenge and the loot that can be obtained from each zone will be altered.
  • The application of the statistical boost that occurs per magic level varies depending on the level.
  • Attributes of level 5 will no longer be available for level 10 offensive magic, with the exception of magic bullets.

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How to install Magic Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Magic Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) file.

2. Touch install.

3. Go to Settings>Select Unknown Source

4. Follow the steps on the screen.



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