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Siege of Treboulain is a role-playing game that the business Choice of Games, LLC sells. It boasts stunning visuals, ensuring that every second spent playing it will be enjoyable.
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May 4, 2022
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Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk game’s setting is a fantasy realm designed to evoke mediaeval Europe. You have been tasked with protecting the Treboulian kingdom from an actual threat.

It was after the death of your mother, the Queen, that you assumed power. Your main goal is to keep your people safe from the enemy and to protect them. Pick your allies carefully because they will be essential in the battle.

About Siege Of Treboulain

Ensure that you have enough supplies to last until the siege ends. You can always trade or raid other kingdoms’ villages if it doesn’t work. The game is all text, and you can make choices that change how the game goes. You’ll be the leader of the city guard. Your mission is to safeguard the city’s citizens and ensure their safety at all costs.

There are many different paths to take, and the choices you make along the way will each have an impact in some way. At times, you will have to decide between two undesirable options. Nevertheless, you are obligated to make an effort to safeguard the city in any case.


The fictional kingdom in which the game takes place has been devastated by warfare. As the player, you’ll take on the role of a brave leader tasked with defending a city from an onslaught of enemies.

The people you’re up against are formidable and cunning. To conquer your city, they will employ a wide variety of tactics. You should think out the moves you make thoroughly. Every subsequent objective will present a more significant challenge than the last. To advance, you will need to use every skill at your disposal.

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Features of Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk

You’ll have a wide variety of weapons and spells at your fingertips with which to defeat your enemies. Use everything you know to keep them from coming to your city. It will test your strategy and your intelligence.

Soldiers, wizards, and dragons all await you in battle. The fight ahead will be arduous. However, you must keep going. The best way to defeat your foes is to use every tool at your disposal. Demonstrate to them that you are the indisputable leader in your city. Your legacy will be immortalized in this way.

Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk

Select the Gender of Your Player Character

You get to play as a person of either gender in this game. You can choose to be any of many different genders and sexual orientations while playing. Using this method, you can make a persona that reflects truly who you are.

Different histories

You can choose from one of three histories for your protagonist in this game. Their histories will inform your strategy throughout the game. 

These choices will also influence your story’s conclusion. You have your pick between the themes of the wise man, the powerful sorcerer, and the brave soldier.

Take Control Of The Military Leader

You’ll be in charge of a band of courageous troops as you go into battle. You’ll need to employ some strategic thinking to come out on top. You’ll need to make decisions like how many soldiers to send and what strategies to employ.

Play & Get Rewards

The more you progress, the more you’re rewarded in this game. When you complete missions and defeat foes, you will get rewards. With these spoils in hand, you can strengthen your city and army.

Manage resident interests. 

The city is divided into various factions, each pursuing its agenda. Your job is to keep these groups satisfied and under control. 

There will be an uprising if you do not. For instance, the interests of merchants and priests should be weighed alongside those of politicians.

Explore Flashbacks. 

The game’s hook is its usage of flashbacks. Using this mechanism, you can go back to significant points in the tale and interact with them again.

How to Download Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk?

Here’s how to easily download the game.

  • Select Siege of Treboulaine Mod on your Android device’s download manager.
  • Enable Unknown Sources installation from your phone’s settings. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Once you’ve done that, head to Settings > Security > Security and turn it on.
  • Click to download the file 
  • Then install and open the game.

Most Asked Question

Why is Android App Permission required to download Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk?

Applications need to access specific devices’ systems. Once you install the application, you have to accept all the required permissions.


If you want to feel like you’re in the middle of an epic fight, The Siege of Treboulain is the game for you. Multiple aspects of the game set it apart from others. You can play as either a male or a female, and there are numerous histories, dramatic battles, and flashbacks to explore.

The game’s narrative structure makes it simple to follow the action. There is a tutorial in the game that will show you the ropes. Then you can try out several approaches until you find the one that works best for you.

What's new

You may read the complete patch notes on the forums.

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How to install Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money ) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Siege of Treboulain Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money ) file.

2. Touch install.

3. Go to Settings>Select Unknown Source

4. Follow the steps on the screen.


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