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Silent Castle is a fun game that requires strong and intelligent thinking and the ability to lead.
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Aug 27, 2022
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The Silent Castle Mod Apk is an online game where the lives of many characters are in your hands. You and your pals, hiding in various chambers, must escape the terrible Reaper of Souls. Thus, players can call them their partners because each one is interested in expanding their life as much as possible. A free game available to everyone with an Android device.

What is Silent Castle Mod APK?

Silent Castle, a brand-new Android game, you must fight against armies of terrible creatures while searching for your kidnapped daughter. By tapping on foes to attack them and swiping on the surroundings to avoid their attacks, the game’s innovative battle system makes full use of the touch screen. 

And the Silent Castle Mod APK is among the most downloaded and used Android modifications. It assists people with problems collecting enough money and gold. Players can acquire unlimited money and gold items using this mod.

Ways to ensure victory

The game involves hunting (as a Soul Reaper) or protecting and battling (if you choose to be the victim human).

Each human scene has a red Countdown timer. When this timer goes off, everyone must instantly leave the hallway.

And, don’t follow other players. All the beds and rooms accommodate one at a time. If someone is already in the room, leave immediately.

You must go to sleep immediately when you find an empty room to build up a base. You’ll earn money as you sleep and options for purchasing new weapons and equipment. 

No matter how unclean the room you chose or how creaky the bed is, do not get out of bed no matter what occurs. Do nothing except lie in bed and keep silent.

Furthermore, if you happen to go by and notice that a light is out in someone’s room, please refrain from being nosy and checking the lights for the occupant, especially from stealing anything from the room. 

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Features of Silent Castle Mod Apk

Not only did the project’s well-rounded gameplay and eye-catching visuals win over players, but so did its extensive collection of missions.

Many of the castle’s hidden passages and dungeons remain unknown. If you enter one of these rooms and immediately sense something is off or too strange, leave immediately. To put it simply, the Soul Reapers will become even more ferocious in their pursuit if you persist in trying to swap money for an unknown object inside the castle.

Silent Castle Mod Apk

Numerous Modes

If you’re exploring the game as a player, you’ll play the part of a regular test subject or a Reaper. The game is good no matter your role, so it’s best to try out all of them. Remember that each position you offer has a set of objectives and responsibilities that you must fulfil.

One strategy involves hiding out until the Reaper wakes up, at which point any necessary upgrades can be made. Do everything you can to wipe out the rebels who refuse to surrender to the other camp. Having two distinct game modes in one package makes Silent Castle visually appealing.

Win MVP Awards

Crew members can end a round by killing all their opponents or being the only ones still alive. In Silent Castle, there is time built into the gameplay for players to get together. You can hold both text and audio chats to communicate. After that, the players can vote to decide next move. Perhaps you can devise a strategy to throw off death. The victor is crowned “Most Valuable Player” and showered with praise and accolades.

Visuals and audio

In addition to its well-rounded gameplay and beautiful visuals, Silent Castle caught players‘ interest with its vast cast of unique personalities. Create a frightful setting with low lighting and eerie tunes. The fantastic music will help you entirely forget about the world outside the game. It also contains spooky sound effects that make the gameplay more intriguing.

Many props and equipment

The playing area is a big mansion with multiple exits and entryways in this scenario. It will be tricky for the impostors to act stealthily in a match for ten people. To ensure survival, you must construct a sturdy barrier that the Reaper cannot penetrate.

It’s also essential to set up weapons and traps that can hurt the monster and scare it away. Regarding the Reaper, your first order of business in Silent Castle is to improve it. Upgrade the power and speed, please.

How to Download Silent Castle Mod Apk

Follow these steps, and the app is yours to use for free.

  • Click download to install the apk file.
  • Allow apps from other sources to run on your Android device. 
  • You will now need to find the Silent Castle APK file you just downloaded and install it on your Device.
  • Open the app and enjoy.


Is Silent Castle for PC?

Aliboo Studio made the game Silent Castle, which is a casual game. And you can play this game smoothly on your PC’s big and magnificent screen.


When you play Silent Castle, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen for fear of what might happen next. It has stunning images and unsettling music. The Silent Castle MOD APK takes the game to a new level by removing the annoying in-game adverts and providing infinite gold.

What's new

The bugs have been fixed.

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How to install Silent Castle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Silent Castle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems) file.

2. Touch install.

3. Go to Settings>Select Unknown Source

4. Follow the steps on the screen.


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