Snake Rivals Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Gems)


By swiping the screen, you can easily control your Snake in Snake Rivals, the best-selling mobile snake game. Enter the enthralling Basic arcade mode to consume as many apples as possible in stunning 3D environments. Try to grow into the giant Snake, likely while avoiding being bitten by other snakes.
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Aug 1, 2022
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What is Snake Rivals Mod Apk?

In Snake Rivals, two snakes race to consume as much as possible. The snakes can swim in both vertical and horizontal directions, and they may bite and spit venom at one another. The game is a fun and addicting take on the classic snake game, complete with multiple levels, bonuses, and other features.

Everyone who enjoys snake games will enjoy Snake Rivals. The game’s simplicity hides the depth of strategy and difficulty it provides. To win the race, you must avoid getting bitten by your rival and stuff your face with food. The game is free on multiple platforms, and the multiplayer mode allows you to have fun with your pals.

Snake Rivals Mod Apk Key Features

Snake Rivals has more surprises than any other games like Worms Zone. Create a game with your friends, or join an existing one. Whether they are in the same room or on opposite sides makes no difference. When you play Snake Rivals, the amount of thrill you can feel is practically limitless! This game offers a plethora of exciting features and hours of playtime. These are the ones:

Snake Rivals Mod Apk Download

Massive Snake Collection

You can collect a wide variety of snake species in Snake Rivals. At first, you’ll be limited to playing the classic Snake game. You start with a dull old snake, but as you level up, you unlock snakes with hilarious heads like a puppy snake, a piranha snake, an eagle snake, a horse snake, a Minecraft snake, and many more. When playing with others, they add a whole new level of excitement.

Attractive Visual

Snake Rivals mod Apk is different from other games because it has great 3D graphics. It lets you play 3D fully, allowing you to get into the game. Also, how the snakes make them fun and easy to play with.

Snake customize

In this game, you have complete control over how your Snake looks. The spawn location allows you to swap the egg for a different one. You can buy emoticons to show your opponents how you feel about them.


Snake Rivals has some of the most user-friendly controls of any game on the market. You can go where you’re going with just one screen swipe. Since the motion is in only one direction, there is no cause for alarm. If you want to power up, you can tap the right side of the screen to power up.

Game modes

Snake Rivals has three game modes. First, the longer Snake wins in Classic Mode. During the Gold Rush, time limits apply. You may have to kill as many opponents as possible within a set period to win. In Battle Royale mode, you only get one chance to win. Thus, if you die, the game is over. And the previous snake wins!


The classic Snake couldn’t be played online. However, in Snake Rivals, you’ll be able to put your snake-controlling skills against those of the world’s finest players. You can either take a defensive attitude and build up your shield or rush in and try to win the game.

How To Download Snake Rivals Mod Apk 

  • Download Snake Rivals Mod APK.
  • Allow the app to download from unknown sources in your device’s privacy settings.
  • Click the button that says “Install.”
  • Congratulations, you’ve downloaded the game.

Most Asked Questions

Who made snake rivals?

Supersolid, one of the best mobile game companies in the UK, has done it again by making a version of the famous Snake game for Android. It’s called Snake Rivals this time.

How do you get snake rivals VIP?

Currently, participation in our VIP program is restricted to invited gamers only. When a player is invited to the VIP program by email, they will see a notification window in-game.

Can You Still Play The Game Of Snake?

You can also play the old game “Snake” while watching a video. YouTube started the game in July 2010, not long after the popular website changed its look. The “Snake” game on YouTube is the same as the original game.


Snake Rivals Mod Apk is the perfect game if you want something fun and challenging that will keep you busy for hours. You can choose from 10 unique snakes in this continuous race to the top using the Snake Rivals Mod Apk Unlimited Coins. Due to the mod’s unrestricted access to currency and gems, you’ll never have to stop playing.

What's new

A fantastic new Battlepass awaits you in Season 21, so make sure you upgrade right now! It has a tonne of great stuff, like the mythical Snake from folklore and other cool stuff. We continue to work on making the game run better.

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How to install Snake Rivals Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Snake Rivals Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Gems) file.

2. Touch install.

3. Go to Settings>Select Unknown Source

4. Follow the steps on the screen.



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